There are many wallet companies you can choose from.Some wallets may not be operational in your country. Feel free to explore as many wallet companies as you would like to see which one will be suitable for you.  However since you are following our tested and tried methods, we recommend these three wallets - Luno, Faucetpay and Coinpot wallets. No matter which wallet company you choose to use, the procedures are more or less the same for all wallet companies. Since cypto currencies have a monetary value attached to them, KYC (Know Your Customer) process may apply.


Your first step is to create your main crypto coin wallet. There are many companies offering crypto coin wallet services. For our market, we recommend Luno wallet. You will soon see why we recommend Luno on the wallet page. Go ahead reading about crypto coin wallet and creating one.

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Coinpot is a wallet used by a number of Cointpot faucets. Thankfully, you do not need to create a Coinpot Wallet because it is automatically created for you when you register with one of the Coinpot family faucets. Alternatively, simply enter your email address and choose a password and you are set up.

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Great! You now have successfully created your main crypto coin wallet. Your next step is to create the working wallet. This is the wallet many faucets send your earned coins. For this, Faucetpay is used. Read this section for more on Faucetpay and create your Faucetpay account. Go ahead and create your account here.

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In order to start earning coins, you first need to create your crypto coin wallets. Follow our easy steps to create your wallets now and start accumulating crypto coins now.

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