Deactivate or activate sending of coins

Notification on transactions as on bank accounts

Step 1

Click the picture on this page or anywhere on the text to be taken to where you can create your Luno account.

Step 2

Enter your email address as discussed above and choose a safe password only you can know and remember as prompted.

Step 3

Once you have confirmed your account, locate your wallet under the relevant coin’s “receive”. Copy this address for the next step when you create your Faucetpay Account.


- always protect yourself

This is wallet is your bank account. Make sure you always take necessary precautions and safeguard your details at all times.

Withdrawals are processed quickly to your account

Blockchain, Coindirect and Coinbase are some of the favourite wallet suppliers, but why do we prefer Luno over others? Here are some reasons why we went with Luno.

It is good for South African market

Easily links to your bank account

Easy to transfer money from local bank accounts

To create a Luno wallet, follow these simple steps and in no time you are ready to go. Once you click on the “Sign Up”, you should be able to follow the easy steps.

Since this will be your permanent account you should not be able to change, we suggest you use your personal email address to create your Luno account. The reason for doing so is that you can continue using your Luno account even if you change employment without any need to create a new account. Secondly, Luno, like any bank notification will send all the notifications to your address including the code you will be prompted to enter every time you sign onto your Luno account from a different device.

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